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Wright Sales

Wright Sales

We are experts at driving growth through new business development and account management in the high value engineering sector. Wright Sales is a dedicated, in-house team of business development and sales specialists who use proven techniques to assess growth markets, identify and engage target customers and convert these leads into sustainable sales. Our highly-focused approach and industry experience means that we always look to develop new customers who exactly fit the target profile and who will contribute to long-term, high-value growth.

Lead generation

Wright Sales are experts at identifying and engaging potential new leads. We don’t need to hard-sell our services; instead, we engage and inform potential customers, driving interest in the business and building trust. We are able to implement Salesforce where appropriate to improve lead management and communication between sales teams. 

Marketing and branding

We know how difficult it can be for engineering companies to stand out from the competition. We have decades of experience in developing marketing strategies that differentiate engineering and light industrial technology businesses. We help our investments to communicate their service offering effectively and develop branding that inspires their staff and customers.


The businesses within the Wright Industries portfolio engage with over 750 customers each year, including world-leading OEMs and blue-chip organisations. The Wright Sales team is uniquely positioned to cross-fertilise these accounts, ensuring that our portfolio is able to maximise their reach and provide comprehensive turnkey solutions. 


An effective Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click strategy can deliver significant growth at minimal cost by improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. Through a variety of strategies, Wright Sales ensures that our portfolio have a high ROI for their e-marketing activities.

Relationship development

In addition to developing new leads, Wright Sales also supports our investments in maximising the opportunities with existing customers through relationship management and development. Through improved communication and increased trust, the Wright Sales team ensures that our investments are positioned as their customers’ first choice supplier.


We invest in engineering process capability rather than product development within our businesses. The technology strategy centres around our engineering knowledge and expertise in supporting OEM’s in getting their products to market. This highly sought-after knowledge has been built up through many years of experience. Our management team have led and implemented complex dependable solutions to thousands of customers across multiple market sectors where the dependency on our manufacturing or supply chain solutions is critical to their products success. We believe our strategy is unique given our huge knowledge of both Mechanical and Electronic manufacturing and supply chain capability with experience of building bespoke solutions from component to full electro-mechanical product build.

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