Comprehensive operational insight

Wright Operations

Wright Operations

In many of the businesses that we invest it, growth has often been restricted by legacy business systems and processes. Wright Operations can provide experts to ensure that the business is operationally robust and address the systemic issues that are holding it back. We have the industry expertise in manufacturing and component supply to resolve operational issues quickly and cost-effectively, using a common-sense approach to develop systems that are appropriate for an SME.

Business systems

Robust business systems are essential to improving operational performance. Wright Operations experts can review existing business systems and software, such as Accountancy, MRP, CRM software to ensure that it has been appropriately implemented and can develop roll-out plans for new systems if required.

Capital Investment

Wright Industries are always looking to identify to invest in capacity or capability that our customers will require in the short- to medium-term. We are able to take such a proactive approach to investment in innovation thanks to our portfolio's exposure to such a wide range of industries; the unique insight that this gives us into emerging technologies allows us to rapidly translate these technologies to other industries. 


We have extensive experience of developing effective business systems to meet the requirements of accreditations such as ISO9001, AS9100 and ISO13485. Our Operations experts can provide ongoing support to our portfolio to ensure that they are fully compliant, including audits, gap analyses and process documentation.

Inventory management

Addressing inventory control issues is often a primary focus for Wright Operations. Good stock management practices results in an improved cash position, better responsiveness to customers and reduced waste. Our unparalleled industry experience allows us to quickly pinpoint the root cause of inventory management issues and develop robust business processes that keep inventory levels in check.

Environmental, Social and Governance 

Through expert leadership, Wright Industries ensures that our investment portfolio is committed to improving their operations with respect to environmental, social and governance factors, increasing the positive impact of our businesses and mitigating investment risks. 

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