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Wright Performance

Wright Performance

With 28 years of acquisition, change management and turnaround experience, Wright Industries excels at improving the performance of businesses that have not yet realised their full potential. We work closely with the existing management team to fully understand the complexities and bottlenecks within a business. By fully understanding the problem, we can then work with the management teams to develop targeted action plans with clear expectations and accountabilities. In the last 20 years, our investments have won multiple regional awards across the UK including Manufacturer of the Year, Employer of the Year and Manufacturing Innovator, as well as European Tech Start Up of the Year and global supplier awards for leading OEMs.

Financial performance

Critical to any Wright Industries investment is ongoing financial management and control. Sustaining cashflows and investment plans is at the heart of our financial management strategy. Working with management to establish robust business and financial models forms the basis of all of our investment plans. Through clearly identified budgets and stretch targets, we empower to deliver improved financial performance. We monitor this through a disciplined reporting framework which has proven reliable in identifying any short- to medium-term variances to plan, enabling changes to be considered and implemented if necessary. 

Business efficiency

Improving the efficiency of a business can dramatically enhance shareholder value. Wright Performance has extensive expertise in increasing the efficiency of its investments through improving business processes, reducing costs and restructuring, as well as leveraging the resources that it has within its portfolio to minimise overheads.

Customer metrics

By focussing on improving business performance against customers’ key metrics such as On-time Delivery, Right First Time or Inventory Levels, Wright Performance ensures that the strategic and commercial goals are fully aligned with those of its key customers. Using analytical and practical methods, our experts will help the existing management teams to demonstrably improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.

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