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Engagement and investment

From the outset, we work closely with the business' management and advisory teams to clearly define each party’s objectives, with complete transparency. Our valuations are competitive and take into consideration the potential growth of the business. Our experience in developing innovative financing structures allows us to offer investments that are tailored to suit the stakeholders, typically involving a blended structure that delivers value for all parties.


Strategic planning

Once an investment has been made, the Wright Industries team will work hand-in-hand with the existing management team to develop a strategic plan for delivery against the investment objectives. An in-depth commercial review of the customer base and markets will be conducted to understand the strengths and weaknesses; by combining this information with the insights from the wider Wright Industries portfolio, we can quickly identify new target markets and customers for the business. A comprehensive short- and medium-term business plan will then be developed, with a linked budget and cashflow plan to ensure that future investments are sustainable and deliverable.


Management empowerment

We know that the key to successful growth is in unlocking the talent within an organisation. Through an expert executive board, we work closely with the existing management team to provide them with the tools that will deliver against the strategic objectives of the wider business. Through clear goals and regular reviews, we empower the team to act in the best interests of the business. Where necessary, we will support in organisational restructuring to maximise the talent within the team and provide organisational clarity.


Expert support services

Wright Industries has dedicated specialists to help bridge any gaps in the business' management team, allowing progress to be made rapidly with minimal overhead costs. Whether the business needs support in HR, Finance, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Account Management, Operations or IT Systems, our in-house team will provide expertise where it is needed most.


Delivery of objectives

During periods of high-growth or turnaround, it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals. Our approach is to remain focused on delivery of the key objectives that were defined in the business plan. From driving sales and market share growth, to achieving industry-leading ROI, to increasing profitability, we keep the management team on-track to deliver against the agreed plan and achieve the business targets.

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